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Nevada Infusion is a locally-owned infusion pharmacy with Pharmacists and Nurses available 24/7 to offer you IV therapy choices either in the comfort of your home or in our private infusion suites, depending on your medication and treatment plan. The team at Nevada Infusion works with your physician, nurse, or hospital team to ensure you receive an individualized strategy for the best possible outcome, while giving you the choice of where you receive your medication.  

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What is Home Infusion Therapy?

Home infusion therapy is the administration of intravenous (through a vein) medication, such as antibiotics, nutrition, steroids (and many others) to patients in their own homes or in private infusion suites. Small, portable pumps which allow medication to be administered to the patient through an IV line make it possible for many to go about their normal daily activities while receiving their medicine.

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Common Infusion Therapies we support

● Antibiotics and Antifungal Therapy
● IV Home Nutrition (TPN)
● Immunoglobulin Therapy (IVIG)
● Long Term Disease Management
● Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement Therapies
● Inotropic Therapy
● Glucocorticoid Therapy

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● Pain Management
● Insulin Therapy
● Transplant Therapy
● Hemophilia
● Skilled Nursing for IV Therapy
● PICC Line Care and Maintenance
● Catheter Care


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At Nevada Infusion, we make it our goal to find a way to say “yes”. We do not give up until we find a solution through collaboration and expertise, and we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient. 

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"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They take all stress away from doing home infusions. I highly recommend anyone try Nevada Infusion, you won’t be disappointed. They always put you first, and will always make sure your accommodations are met. Thank you Nevada Infusion!"

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